I saw this new type of hairband, and I was so curious that I couldn’t not buy it, and as I couldn’t decide between 2 colors, I took the pink and the transparent one.

It promises to avoid headaches, no split ends, and some more good sounding things, so I decided to review it. Does it do what’s promised?

Invisibobble Invisibobble

They come in these cute little cubes, each package holds 3 hairbands. The hairbands kind of look like old-fashioned telephone cords, I somehow can’t imagine they’re gonna hold all of my hair in place?


This is what it promises:

-traceless (the invisible one alright, but the pink one, traceless? really?)

-avoids headaches – I’m hoping this to be true, I always have the feeling of my hair pulling my scalp whenever I’m wearing a ponytail, which results in headaches

-strong grip

-all hair types


Now here comes the test, will these new “radical design” hairbands hold the hair in place? (Please don’t mind the messy hair, it’s sunday :-))



Invisibobble Invisibobble

Yes they do! I twist them around my messy bun just twice, and they hold the hair in place perfectly, and they even resist a workout at the gym including a 30 min run.

I think I like the invisible one even better than the pink one, because you really hardly even see it, kind of cool.

Also, I do have the feeling that they don’t pull the hair as much as normal hairelastics either, which is a big plus. Just be careful when you remove it, as it’s a little rubbery it could pull out some hairs.

Overall I’m really happy with these funky little hairelastics, definitely give them a try when you have a lot of hair, or heavy hair. I’m not sure if they are good with fine hair, but let me know if you’ve tried it!

They go for €4,95 (3 in a package) and you can get them at DM or online 

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